USB4 Specification Revealed

A brand new USB specification update, called USB4, has been announced Monday by the USB Promoter Group, deliver compatibility with the Thunderbolt 3 specification, backward compatibility with all earlier … Read the rest

SANTA CLARITA DIET Season 3 Trailer: Life is Getting Back to Normal

Sheila is ingesting Nazis and life is getting back to normal as SANTA CLARITA DIET yields for the third year. Even with a rocky road for the husband and … Read the rest

What’s in the Box?! – Loot Tees – January 2019

We’ve talked about how in the past we’ve had issues getting our shipments for review in Loot Crate. We finally got our Loot Tees dispatch for January 2019, however … Read the rest

DIRECTV NOW Updates Their Legal Description to Add “*Price Subj. to Change”

Over the weekend Cord Cutters News broke the news that DIRECTV NOW would increase their price and roll out new packages this week. Now DIRECTV NOW has updated their … Read the rest

Tlaib on backlash to Omar: Let’s face it, plenty of Democrats are Islamophobic too

All of these are tactics of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party: First, accuse critics of muzzling anti-Israel address; afterward, whine about”disproportionate” attention to anti-Semitism; second, change the subject to bigotry Read the rest

The 11 most popular TV shows and how you can watch them (March)

Our friends at Rotten Tomatoes have ranked the most popular TV shows right now. If they’re not already on your watchlist, make sure you don’t miss out!

Here are the

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Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR is on sale for $189.99 for 500GB and $229.99 for 1TB — Now with External Storage Support

Amazon has just set the Fire TV Recast available. This sale is likely in correlation with an Recast’s recently added service for external hard drive growth . The 500GB Read the rest

Channel JAPAN #50

“Channel JAPAN” is an informational program broadcast across Asia and Provides a New look at the Most Up-to-date in the Japanese Market, Industry Trends, trends, culture and Technologies. Nikkei … Read the rest

Poll: Iowa Republicans almost evenly split on whether someone should primary Trump

Oh, nearly forgot. The Iowa poll quoted up high found that 90 percent of Republicans there need the president to “run a favorable re-election campaign, focusing on the good … Read the rest

Triple Frontier Review: Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac's Heist Movie Takes Some Risks and Pulls It Off

<img align="left" border="0" src="" width="2070" height="1380" alt="Ben Affleck, Triple Frontier Photo Credits: Melinda Sue Gordon” style=”margin:0 5px 5px” /P

Crime does not pay! It is good to be reminded … Read the rest